Altec Italia - Megaplot
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La Gommapiuma

Una delle grandi novità presentate al salone saranno i macchinari per il taglio della gommapiuma.
In particolare verrà data dimostrazione dei sistemi di taglio AFW12 e AFW20, che, grazie alla loro versatilità, permettono di creare manufatti in gommapiuma in modo semplice ed in brevissimo tempo.
Il software utilizzato è simile a quello in dotazione ai sistemi di taglio per polistirolo. Questo permette un facile apprendimento ed utilizzo.

Questi sistemi possono essere utilizzati per tagliare
  • PS polietilene
  • PE polipropilene
  • PP poliuretano
  • PUR (gommapiuma) polistirolo espanso
  • EPS polistirolo estruso
  • XPS lana di roccia

Polideadesign 2013

Two days to explore the newly updated working techniques and limitless possibilities and applications of Polystyrene such as: architectural planning, building, modeling and furnishing accessories craft, visual design signs,  copyright plans development, scenographies, fair theatre and film decorations, packaging, banner making.
Polymer known as polystyrene two days fair will take place at Biella-Gaglianico Exhibition Centre on May 10th-11st 2013.
Polideadesign is the event name, promoted and organized by Altec Italia. This is a primary company in the visual communication sector due to polystyrene hot wire cutting, laser cutters, CNC computer controlled machines. Altec Italia featuring Megaplot (leader company into this kind of system production) will present, for the first time, the entirely new system ‘Fast Wire’ for foam rubber cutting.
The event themes will be: “Polymer and treatment techniques as multilevel communication and building language” and “Creativity, techniques and machines to introduce third dimension into product and company communication“, represented as demonstrations, technical workshops and stages for addressed to operators and professionals.
During the event will be showed working machinery (using CAD software) during 2D and 3D cutting, polystyrene working, cutting, levigation, painting of any kind of shape and whatever use.
Polystyrene, was discovered in 1839 by a Berliner apothecary named Eduard Simon. Polystyrene identified as polymerization reaction by Marcellin Berthelot in 1866,  showed chemical inertia if compared with other corrosive agents, extreme lightness but if well worked high resistance and multi-purpose characteristics.